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Website Programming

Website Programming

Gods Glory BibleHave you wanted an online store or promotional website? Maybe you’ve even tried to make one. There are a lot of options out there. Some companies will offer you a “free” website, only to discover they have high monthly charges, limited features, and lack user control. Then you find out you’re locked in and can’t easily move your site if you decide you don’t like the service.

Here’s how we’re different. We use inexpensive, standards basedKuris USA Industrial Cutting Machines tools and modules to build your site quickly, saving money. We don’t sell the domain name and hosting. Rather, we help you make those purchases from the best companies. You’re always in control. We take care of the technical stuff and let you concentrate on presenting your products and services with your unique voice and vision.

Making Your Week Happier Weekly MagazineWe have worked with numerous publishers and store owners, and have researched and developed several special features you can easily take advantage of. For example, our online stores all feature Google Shopping Feed modules. This means you’re able to present your products to customers without having to pay expensive seller fees on sites like Amazon and eBay.

Other features include, lead tracking, slideshows, videos, flipboxes, customAntique Collectible and Vintage Items formatting and more. If the standard tools and themes don’t look or work the way you want, we can modify them to suit your needs.

Whatever you have in mind, we can help make it happen.

Call toll-free 866-831-4299 to discuss your ideas!

Mail Manifesting with Bound Printed Matter

Bound Printed Matter is cheaper than Media Mail

Mail Manifesting with Bound Printed MatterBound Printed Matter Manifesting

When you’re shipping books, there’s no cheaper way to do it than using USPS Bound Printed Matter (BPM). BPM is around $1 cheaper per book than Media Mail. However, unless you’re mailing 300 or more of the same book, you may think you can’t use those rates. That’s where Mail Manifesting comes in. You start by printing identification numbers on the labels. You then account for those numbers on a special report. Once you’ve done this, the USPS will allow you to mix books of different weights and sizes into one bulk mailing. One extra feature of BPM, the USPS now offers free tracking!

On days you don’t have 300 pieces to qualify for the bulk rate, single piece rate on Bound Printed Matter (available for 50 pounds of mail) is still about 50 cents cheaper than Media Mail.

Our Mail Manifesting solution is different than most. Other companies want you to pay a large price up front, and big annual license fees every year. We allow you to pay as you go. Depending on your volume, we can offer a low price per piece, per file processed, or a flat rate per month if your volume justifies it.

There are USPS permit fees and certifications you’ll need, but we guide you through their process to make everything as easy and seamless as possible.

If you have a shipping system, we can probably integrate into it. We’ve been providing this remote mail manifesting solution to book printers, distributors and publishers since 2003. We have our process very optimized and simplified. You export a file to us and within 30 minutes you receive the files and paperwork you need for the USPS. We can also provide (or even post) files with the tracking data for your website. If you don’t have a shipping system, we also offer products to serve that need.

Not sure if BPM will help you? If you send us a simple data file (zip code, weight, ship date), we will perform a free analysis to determine your best shipping option.

National Postal Forum 2016

National Postal Forum

NPF 2016 Coming to Nashville, TN March 20-23

The National Postal Forum will meet in Nashville, TN March 20-23, with the exhibit floor being open on March 21 – 23. The NPF is the premier show to demonstrate and learn about the latest in mailing technology and techniques.

There are educational sessions discussing USPS, postal news, Direct Mail, and general business subjects, with several professional certifications offered. The exhibit floor allows you to explore the latest in the world of mailing and printing hardware and software.

The NPF is always a good show. You should catch it any time it’s near you.