About us

Our core group started out as the IT Department in a distribution division of a major printing company. In that capacity, we built and managed complex networks, designed and implemented software for data conversion, shipment processing (including USPS, UPS and FedEx integration) as well as advanced inventory systems. When the parent corporation closed that division in 2003, we formed BrainBridge Systems. We continue to apply our technical knowledge and experience to the problems and opportunities of business. Our mission is to provide small businesses the same benefits from technology as the largest corporations, but on a budget they can afford.

Here are some of our early projects. We list them to give you an idea of our foundation.

In terms of networking, we built a multi-server network with fiber optic links, radio terminals and integration to an off-site IBM Mainframe. This was in the 1990’s, when commercial use of fiber was new outside the phone companies, and WiFi as we know it didn’t exist.

One of our most complex inventory and production systems was the “Pick to Belt” process where users at 6 stations requested orders from a central server. The system would select the order with the highest priority (customer assigned) that could be fulfilled with inventory near their station. It would print the packing slip/invoice on an on-site laser printer. The packing slip was customized to the publishing customer with return address, optional logo, and optional pricing. They would then place the items into a shipping carton and pass it down the belt. The next station would add inventory from their zone. As needed, shipping labels were printed. This would continue until the order was complete. Each carton would then move down the line to a shipping meter station. By scanning a barcode on the package, the meter could pull the address and routing information for the order. After processing the labels, tracking information was posted back to the network, and applied to the order history for tracking and reporting. Again, this is fairly commonplace now, but was cutting edge at the time.

In terms of newer projects and products, we have continued to use inexpensive hardware and software to develop solutions to business needs. Some examples include USPS shipping consulting and programming, web-based inventory control systems (so you and your customers can see one integrated inventory for all locations), and of course promotional websites with advanced visitor tracking and other features. See the Services Offered pages for more examples of current work.