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Ready or Not, Here it Comes! Windows 10 Update That is.

Users forced to update to Windows 10

We’ve been hearing rumors it was going to happen, now we’ve seen it. This morning, one of our customers experienced a forced update to Windows 10.

While the PC was running a large print job, they walked away from it. When they returned, the Windows 10 upgrade was already in process, with no prompting or way to cancel. Thank God the process they were running had completed before the PC rebooted. That PC was running Windows 7 Home, 32 bit.

Aside from the almost-universal complaints about the user interface (which is at least better than Windows 8), the update did go pretty smoothly. So far, their programs and drivers are all working.

If this follows the pattern we saw with the “free upgrade” icon, it will hit more and more of these Window 7 Home Edition PCs, then eventually get into the Windows 7 Pro Edition PCs.

If you have systems that cannot have an unscheduled interruption, it may be time to go ahead and take the update plunge. At least you can control the timing that way.