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ShipSYS Public Release

ShipSYS Shipping System for Books

ShipSYS Shipping System Released to the Public

The ShipSYS shipping and inventory control system has been in production since 2014. Previously, this was only available as part of a custom programming project. However, we have now created a more packaged system that is suitable for general release.

ShipSYS allows for the importing of order data from Amazon, eBay, and Zencart. It can also be easily extended to import from other systems. It prints packing slips, shipping labels and can assist in inventory management. After shipping, tracking data can be uploaded back to the selling site. It is integrated into our Remote Bound Printed Matter Mail Manifesting solution. As such, it is primarily designed for businesses that sell books, but can be utilized by anyone.

The system is also growth ready. It ships as a pre-packaged file and database server, providing multi-user access right out of the box. You may not need more than one shipping station to start, but you can add as many as you want without extra licensing fees.